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Grandma spends 4th Thanksgiving with a stranger she accidentally invited over

A grandmother and a recent high school student are the best of friends!

Back in 2016 an Arizona grandma and a high school student went viral after the grandma mistakenly text him, inviting him over for Thanksgiving dinner. 

Wanda Dench wanted to give her grandchildren an update on Thanksgiving plans. Instead, a then 17-year-old high school student named Jamal Hinton received the invitation instead.
Hinton shared the exchange on social media where it immediately went viral. He also asked Dench if he could still attend Thanksgiving dinner. She gladly welcomed him and stated "Of course you can. That's what grandmas do...feed everyone."
NBC News covered the story back in 2016:
The two have been inseparable ever since. This year, Dench and her husband had dinner with Hinton and his girlfriend at the girlfriend's family's house, making the occasion extra special. Dench even made Hinton a scrapbook of their memories, which he shared to his YouTube channel.
"I'm more excited this year than any year before!" Hinton told CBS News before Thanksgiving. "I'm happy to have her meet everyone."
"It was wonderful," Dench told CBS News after the holiday. "Loved their family. I'm so blessed to have made new friends. They have family dinner every Sunday and we've been invited to join."
"The first year I went I never would have thought we'd even stay in touch, but once we actually got to know each other I knew we'd be good friends," Hinton told CBS News. "I don't see any end in sight to be honest."
What an amazing story! We look forward to their 2020 update. What are your thoughts?