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U.S. Marines drink cobra blood

Have you ever wondered how cobra blood tastes?

A group of U.S. Marines are learning to survive in the jungle thanks to Cobra Gold, a large multilateral exercise, kicked off in Thailand in late February. 


During the training, Marines learn valuable skills, specifically how to live off the land. This includes learning how to build a fire, learning what plants and animals are dangerous, and learning what is safe to eat and drink, the essentials should a Marine wind up alone in the jungle.

A King Cobra can grow to 13-feet-long and carries venom that attacks the central nervous system of its prey. A person bitten can die within 30 minutes.

In the jungle, water may not always be readily available, and in those situations, Marines can drink animal blood to stay hydrated. Cobra blood is said to have a sweet taste.

"We don't do this for fun, but to survive," a Royal Thai Marine instructor explained previously, adding, "It won't fill you up, but it will keep you alive."

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