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Dude, she's the one: Why you're planning a military wedding 2 weeks after meeting her!

It's no secret that people in the military have some of the highest marriage rates.

According to the Defense Department data, about 51% of all active-duty troops are married.

We recently spoke with a veteran here in The Military Closet who proposed to his wife 7 years ago after just 9 days of knowing her. While this may be surprising to some, quick engagements and marriages happens all the time in the military.

The veteran, whom asked to remain anonymous, says it was honestly love at first sight. However, that may not be the case for all. So why are so many active-duty members so eager to commit to a life long union? Let's keep reading...


It's a week before you head off to basic training. You're at a gas station and take notice of the woman across from you at the other pump. You're instantly blown away by her beauty and you start to feel like a teenage boy with a school crush.

You immediately introduce yourself and you two have the greatest two minute conversation of all time before you exchange numbers. 

Right before leaving for basic training, you realize you're in love and you plan to propose. 

Or maybe you met someone at the mall years down the line and you two click instantly. You inform her you just got back from your third deployment. For the next two weeks, you two spend every single day together talking, laughing, and getting to know each other as much as possible. 

You inform her of your fourth deployment to Japan in 5 months and tell her you love her. She says it back and the next morning you propose and began to plan your wedding right away.

Love is one of the first emotions we experience but many of us have not embraced the idea of love at first sight.

What determines whether or not you're truly in love? How long you've known a person? How much you know about a person? Or is love a feeling? And is it possible to experience this feeling within a short amount of time? 

If you fell in love within two weeks, would you be ready for marriage?


According to

These “incentives” that the military provides are often financial in nature. 

For example, the military will pay for each family member to relocate with the service member in the event of a PCS (Permanent Change of Station), but only when the couple is married.

In addition to this, military personnel already in relationships — but who have yet to make a legal union — might consider doing so just to live with their significant other. Newly-enlisted and lower-ranking service members are required to live in the barracks, sharing their living space with one or more people.

The military also gives certain service members a direct pay increase when they enter a marriage. This is in the form of their COLA, or Cost-of-Living Allowance. The COLA is made to compensate for being stationed in “high-cost” locations, such as Hawaii, Alaska, or other overseas assignments. Military members also receive an adjustment to their COLA when they gain a dependent. 

We believe most marry for love. What are your thoughts? Follow us on instagram to join the conversation!

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Military apparel patriotic apparel shirts usa America American navy marine army air force veteran t-shirts

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