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Military family receives a newly renovated, mortgage-free home

The Hawk family are heroes and owners of a new home!

Master Sergeant Ed Hawk served in the military over twenty-one years and he and his wife have fostered more than 150 children.

Freedom Alliance and the U.S. Bank chose Hawk as the recipient of a newly renovated home in Owensboro, Kansas. Monday morning, on Veterans Day, they received the keys to their mortgage-free home.

“It’s pretty overwhelming. I don’t know if I can put into words how we’re feeling. This is quite an honor," said veteran and home recipient, Ed Hawk.

“When you're able to come home and you’re able to provide something like this because of that service that you did, it’s one of the most rewarding families that you could possibly have," said Josh Miles with Freedom Alliance. “When you're able to provide something for your family that’s so tangibly good."

Now calling Western Kentucky home, the Hawks say they plan to give back and continue their life of service according to

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