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He's only 9 years old and his father is on his 10th deployment

How do you deal with deployment? 9 year old Davidson's father is on his 10th deployment. 

"Sometimes it's fine because we actually do a lot of fun things while he's away, but it's also sad because he's just not here," 9 year old Davidson told CNN while speaking on his father's 10th deployment. "My mom sometimes breaks down and cries a lot because she misses him. And it's not really hard for her because I help her, but it's just she misses him."

Davidson helps out a lot around the house. He helps his mom, Elizabeth care for his younger sister and even wrote a book about his experience being a military child. In the book, Davidson shares many memories including a memory of when he was 3 and his dad was wounded by a rocket-propelled grenade in Afghanistan. 'My mom cried and I was pretty scared that my dad was going to die' Davidson wrote in his book called "Brave for my Family."

Davidson's father, Dave also contributed to the book. "I have been wounded in combat, and I have lost close friends," Dave wrote. "But, for me some of the toughest pills to swallow are not being there for first words, first steps, first Christmases, first birthdays, and all the moments that you'll never have again. The hardest thing is watching my kids grow up in pictures."

Davidson's mom says people should befriend military kids. They have to move around a lot. Davidson has moved nine times in his 9 years of life. 

For other military children, Davidson has a message. 

"I want people to feel brave, not afraid [but] happy because your dad's going to be OK."

The family currently is not aware where Dave is stationed.

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