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A disabled veteran's note left at a barber shop will bring you to tears

Lyndon Dale Flowers of Lewiston, Maine, didn't want to spend Veterans Day alone this year...

So what did he decide to do? He left a note at his barber shop offering to treat someone to dinner. 

"I wasn't gonna have anyone available to go to lunch with on Veterans Day," the disabled veteran said to WMTV.

A disabled veterans note left at a barber shop will bring you to tears

The note read: “Would someone like to take a local disabled veteran to dinner on Veterans Day? No car. My treat,” and included his phone number printed at the bottom.

The note went viral instantly after the owner of the barber shop posted the photo on Facebook. People were amazed by how a disabled veteran was still so giving, offering to take someone else out to lunch on a day that was created to celebrate heroes like him. 

The proud veteran received so much love and dinner offers from grateful Americans that insisted on treating him to dinner. 

'I can't take you to dinner, but I can take you to lunch,' Sandy Washer, a Maine resident offered. Washer, whose father was in the Army for 20 years, drove 40 minutes down from Norway, Maine — with her family — to take Flowers out for lunch.

The sweet gesture warmed the veteran’s heart and reminded him “that there’s people out there that care.” 

On Facebook, those who weren’t able to take the vet out for a meal left messages requesting his address, so they could send him cards. Several also noted they followed up with texts and phone calls to wish the veteran well.

"Where is he? It would be my honor to do this," one woman wrote. "I would also like to invite him to [Thanksgiving] if he is in need."

This truly makes us proud that so many amazing people stepped in to take action. When was the last time you've done something amazing for a veteran?

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