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Airman sentenced to 5 years in jail for secretly filming women as they undressed, showered, and slept

Airman sentenced to 5 years in jail for secretly filming women as they undressed showered and sleptStaff Sgt. Andrew P. Rogers admitted at a general court-martial last September that, between November 2015 and April 2018, he used cameras hidden in alarm clocks and smoke alarms to film more than half a dozen women who stayed with him or house-sat for him while he was away according to Stars & Strips.

Rogers' victims told the court that they now have nightmares and have become obsessively paranoid about being watched. One of them, an airman who worked with Rogers at the 603rd Air and Space Operations Center, said she checks for hidden cameras almost everywhere -- "even in my own house."
Rogers' activities were discovered in April 2018, when a woman who stayed at his house with her sister-in-law noticed a smoke detector at about eye level while she was standing up in the bathtub, taking a shower. The device was flashing.
The woman removed the smoke detector and saw that it had a slot for a data card. When she returned from work that day, the woman found an alarm clock in the guest bedroom. She'd seen "the same exact model on Amazon" when she did a google search for spy cameras at work.
The woman and her sister-in-law explord a data card they'd removed from one of the hidden cameras and viewed the video. The first images were of Rogers appearing to test the camera, she told the court.
Rogers was confronted by Air Force investigators when he returned from vacation in Bali. He admitted to the secret recordings and provided the names of other victims he thought he may have recorded, defense lawyers said. 

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