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Waitress who walked 14 miles to work receives a big tip: A new car!

Could you imagine walking 14 miles to work everyday? Well that's exactly what a Denny's waitress in Galveston, TX did. 

Adrianna Edwards walked 4 hours to and from work everyday, losing about 25 pounds within just a few weeks. 

A couple dining at the restaurant was so touched by Edwards' story, they decided to buy her a car!

The couple went to a local dealership and returned hours later with keys to a 2011 Nissan Sentra.

You can say Edwards was beyond shocked and filled with joy. Her days of walking a total of 8 hours to work and back home were over. 

Waitress who walked 14 miles to work receives a big tip: A new car!

"She teared up, which made me happy that she was so moved by that," said the woman who bought the car.
We can only imagine the joy Edwards felt and is still feeling today. A new car from a complete stranger! This will allow her body to get more rest and it will also be mentally relieving having 8 extra hours to do the things that she truly enjoys outside of work.
"I still feel like I'm dreaming. Every two hours, I come look out my window and see if there's still a car there," Edwards said.
The only thing the couple asked in return was that Edwards someday pay it forward. Edwards says she intends to do just that.
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